Posted by: Viola | November 5, 2014

Microscopic manuscript

I am hard at work on my manuscript. And finding that breaking away from social media boosts my ability to focus. And I need to focus. Organizing my manuscript is taking more time and effort than I could have ever imagined. It is positively consuming. I am able to stay with it because I have broken it down to only a day at a time, a poem at a time, a line at a time, a word at a time. My manuscript is positively a microscopic organism, at times. I take the tiny, tiny details, one at a time. If I try to go beyond one small piece at a time, I become instantly overwhelmed. So I stop any broadening temptations, and I stay small. I stay tiny. Stick with the almost invisible. It’s hard to say how much progress I am making, but I feel something budging. Something shifting, deep inside me. I feel some movement, thought it’s ever so slight. I feel it. And I am latching on to that feeling for dear life. The good thing: all of this torture actually feels like fun for me. It gives me such peace. This is my love, this book-making work, it is the love of my life. I cannot think of anything else I would rather do. Except maybe eat some ice cream. But I am saving that particular treat for when the book is done. Can’t get distracted now. Not by ice cream. OK. Back to work. ❤


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