Posted by: Viola | October 24, 2014

New poetry notebook started

This summer, I kept a poetry notebook, consistently, for the first time. I also filled up that poetry notebook. It took about three months and a little over. But it got full, and so I started a new one.

Things are a bit different with this new one. For one thing, I am not filling it up as fast. I am not writing as much as I did in the summer. There are several reasons for this, but the main one, I think, is that I am being selective with what I write about in the new notebook.

With my summer notebook, I did a lot of free-writing. Just writing whatever came to mind. Any ideas, thoughts, memories, anything. I didn’t censor myself and I didn’t really try to make perfect pieces out of any writing. With my new notebook, I am trying to be more directed.

I want my new notebook to reflect what feels most relevant to my manuscript. It’s requiring me to be deliberate with my ideas and notes, trying to relate things to the topics I want my manuscript to revolve around. As a result, writing in this new notebook feels hard, strained, and not as fun as my summer writing.

But this narrowing of my focus also feels necessary. Or else I have too many loose ends, to many competing topics and not enough grounding in what I want my manuscript to explore. I don’t know if I am making the right choice. If I am hindering my own progress. Not sure what else to do.

All I know is that I cannot write about everything. If I did that, the manuscript would never be completed–the book I am writing would never end. I tell myself that there will be more chances to write more books. This is not the only one. Just the first. And I need to finish it. After that, I can begin another book. But I need to finish one. At least one book. Just finish it. And see what happens.


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