Posted by: Viola | October 20, 2014

Music for the Artistic Soul: An Interview with Andy

It is my pleasure to present my very first interview on Letters to Cameroon. It is an even greater delight for me to feature a Cameroonian-born musical artist I know. You could say we’ve known each other a long time, since we are siblings. We both hail from a family of artists–people passionate about art and celebratory of it.

This particular artist inspires me through her music, with song lyrics and rhythms that reveal her passion for songwriting and her gift of great musical ability. She is not just a songwriter. She is a guitar player and an exceptionally captivating performer. For those who have had the opportunity to see her perform her live shows in Europe and the United States, her stage presence and ability to connect with her audience are undeniable. These are gifts she has nurtured through the years but are also a part of her innate ability to create and share great music. Please join me in celebrating and honoring Andy Allo.

I spoke with Andy Allo last weekend, prior to the much-awaited October 14th, 2014 release of her newest single, Tongue Tied. I asked her to share with me her thoughts on what goes into the making of her songs, what projects she is currently working on, and what advice she might have for aspiring artists/musicians. Here is my interview with Andy Allo.

V: What inspires you to make music, and what inspires your songs? 

Andy Allo: I have always expressed myself though art. There is nothing else I would rather do. When I was little, I started writing poetry. I wrote from my experiences and feelings. These days, I am still inspired by my own stories and my life-journey. The stories of others are also a great inspiration to me. Everyday sights and sounds inspire my songs. I never know when the inspiration for a song will strike me, but I just have to stay ready for it.

V: What goals do you have, or what current projects are you working on? 

Andy Allo: There are so many things I cannot wait to share with everyone. You can see me featured in a Nissan commercial currently being aired on American television, in which I get to sing. I am also featured on three songs on Prince’s latest album, Art Official Age. Last week, I launched my first PledgeMusic campaign to give my fans a chance to be involved with my new EP, which I’m planning to release early 2015. My new single Tongue Tied was just released, and the reception has been incredible! Lots of new music in the works!

V: What would you say to an aspiring artist/musician who dreams of pursuing a career in music?

Andy Allo: Be ready to work. You’ve got to love what you do, no matter what, because there will be days when things aren’t going the way you thought they would. You’ve got to persevere. It is very important to keep your integrity and always be honest with yourself. No one will look out for you better than you can. Don’t let people define who you are–let that come from within you. Even if your self-definition changes multiple times, that’s perfectly normal. Obviously, I have a lot to say. (laughs) 

V: Where can prospective fans find you online? 

Andy Allo: I invite all prospective fans to stop by my Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram pages, as well as my newly remodeled Allo Evolution website and my brand new my fan club site. Stop by anytime, support my art, and enjoy the music.

V: Thank you for sharing your thoughts with Letters to Cameroon and for your great music.

Andy Allo: You are welcome!


It’s been an honor for me to share this interview with my blog readers and followers. I would also like to share some of my favorite Andy Allo songs, for readers to check out if they want to. I love her songs Yellow Gold and One Step Closer, from her second album, Superconductor. Be sure to check out her new single, Tongue Tied (available on iTunes and Amazon) and her PledgeMusic page. I love listening to Andy Allo’s music while I work, so it’s a pleasure for me to share her music with you all, and I hope you get to enjoy it just as much as I do. To great art! And to dedicated artists who bring us inspiring art we can always enjoy! ❤  ~ Viola


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