Posted by: Viola | October 19, 2014

Looking back at the summer and a poem about soccer

The summer this year was one of my most productive summers. I did a huge amount of writing. Still have to sort through it all and make sense of it. But it is a lot. I also did quite a bit of blogging and sharing of poems, essays, and stories, through my blog.

This poem, I think took the spotlight this summer.

It was written during the World Cup. The best part about the process of writing this poem is that I am not a soccer fan, and I really don’t follow (or care for) soccer. But so many people are fans, and for a country like Cameroon, which is not known for making big international news waves, the soccer team players–The Lions–are national and international stars. The team has a great record, too, as far as African soccer teams go. Writing a poem to honor Cameroonian soccer just made sense. Crafting the poem happened naturally, as expectations for the Cameroonian team ran high and were dashed as the World Cup progressed.

Ultimately, it’s a poem that goes beyond soccer and touches on LOVE. How we express love and passion, not only in the soccer context, but on a more intimate level, which can be seen as cultural, social, and individual. It’s a poem about sports, and it is a poem about the sport of love, a sport which can be dangerous if it is not played right. In LOVE, the game has got to be played fairly and in such a way that everyone wins. If there are losers, then there can never be winners. The poem radically proposes a win-win. For everyone. But that triumph requires deep shifts in our consciousness about how we love. And how we work together and collaborate with one another.

The poem received so many great reviews, when I shared it on Facebook. I would say, it is one of my best and most beloved poems. It’s the stuff of my dreams, I imagine–the secret wish that many of my poems will be widely read and be successful with whatever audience they fall into the hands of, and most especially a Cameroonian and African audience.

It is fall now, and while I do not miss the California summer heat, I do feel nostalgic for the summer. It was so productive and exciting for me, as a time of intense and focused writing. I am doing my best with enjoying the much cooler fall weather, very pleasant even if dry. And trying to tap into my summer writing spirit. Where did it go? Where did that intense heat and passion in my writing go? Will my writing be like the weather now, cooler and slower and quieter? We shall see. We shall see. Seasons change. Nothing stays the same. And I guess that’s how it is with everything. We rise and we fall. We begin and we end. We journey, and everything we experience and love, journeys along, too.


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