Posted by: Viola | October 7, 2014

On being different

Last night, while watching the tv show THE VOICE, I was blown away by a particular singer, Brittany Butler, who sounded so radically different than anyone else who was auditioning. She was very jazzy and sounded like someone from a whole other musical era. The judges were in awe, especially Pharrell Williams. He was so awestruck that he blurted out to her something along the lines of, “We’re both weirdos. We need more different people in the world. Same is lame.” The contestant smiled and thanked him for saying that. She selected Pharrell as her coach for the competition. The show went on and more contestants came on, some just as brilliant and quite unique. But that one moment stood out for me. I think, in a world full of so many radically talented people, every artist person must take a closer look at what makes an artist stand out. Not in a pressurized way, or a forced “I must stand out” way, but a digging-deep-down way, to find what is new about what you do, what is different. We are all naturally unique–no two human beings are the same, not even identical twins are exactly identical. There is something that sets each of us apart and that thing could be a great clue about what we are meant to do with our lives, who we can be and how we can live, where our joy and gifts reside. What sets you apart, in a positive and uplifting way? What makes you stand out? What makes you weird? ❤


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