Posted by: Viola | August 25, 2014

Earthquake in California

On Saturday, I was up late, writing. I tried to go to bed but couldn’t fall asleep. Some ideas came to me, so I got up and did some writing. I wrote from midnight to about 3 am. I was quite zonked. I started winding down, preparing myself for sleep. After staring at the screen and typing nonstop for three hours, I needed to find a way to unwind my mind. So I put on some soft music on my laptop, lay down, and closed my eyes. I was just beginning to relax, easing into the music and letting the music ease into me, when all of a sudden, I felt the world move. The world beneath me, which was my bed. I felt my bed wobble. Or jiggle. Or sway. I am not sure how to describe it. All I know is that it frightened the living daylights out of me and the living nighttime lights out of me. I started panicking. Was the world coming to an end? Was this the apocalypse? It didn’t help that I was tired and it was 3 am. I readied myself for the worst. For the ground to open up and swallow me. But nothing happened. I listened for sounds of destruction and devastation, people screaming and running around. But all was quiet. I stayed still, trying to sense any more movement on the ground or my bed. There was nothing. Soon after, I turned the lights off and went to bed. I concluded that maybe I was just hallucinating, due to mental and physical exhaustion. Eventually, I fell asleep, but it was almost dawn by then. Late Sunday morning when I woke up, I told my mother what I had felt during the night. She laughed at me, and told me I was imagining things. I said, no, my bed shook, really shook, and I am positive I felt it. She had almost convinced me that it was in fact a hallucination, when she opened up the newspaper and said: “Oh, there was an earthquake last night. Maybe that is what you felt when your bed wobbled.” The earthquake happened about an hour away from where we live, so it was close by but not too close to us. There were people injured, there was damage done to buildings and infrastructure, and there were fires started, but no deaths reported, so far. I asked my mother what time the earthquake had occurred. And she looked at the newspaper and said it had taken place just after 3 am. Ahah!!! So I felt it. I hadn’t been hallucinating at all. A very scary thing, an earthquake. But I am somewhat relieved that I didn’t just make the whole thing up. I have a very fertile imagination, but I didn’t imagine it. What I felt was real. There was an earthquake. And I felt it. Here’s a toast to having my wits about me, even at 3 am, and in the face of a possible apocalypse. And a toast to the living, breathing, vibrating enormity we are living on called Planet Earth. We are living on a planet that is alive and likes to dance; it’s just that it can be very frightening and deadly, when it does its routines.



  1. So glad you weren’t hurt.

    • We are fine and very grateful to be alright. Praying for those who were affected and sending them blessings. ❤

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