Posted by: Viola | August 5, 2014

Poems for peace

I am working on a set of poems about peace. While taking a break from following the news. I suppose it’s a way for me to process some of the violent images and events swirling in the news. Troubling and tragic visuals, views of things on the ground in Syria and Palestine are most salient for me. Some of those images inform the poems I am working on. However, I can’t say that this is the kind of poetry I want to write. It makes me feel helpless, incompetent, unable to grasp the magnitude of trauma going on. I feel that art requires some distancing, some critical space for the crafting of art, some separation of the artist from the immediacy of a crisis or the urgency of a situation of severe trauma. But then…. How to write a poem about violence I have not seen in person or experienced? How to express compassion for excruciating pain, pain that must be nothing less than monolithic? I feel like my imagination is woefully inadequate. I feel sad and ill-equipped. Sad that my mind and heart fail me. Sad that no matter how hard I try, this pain of war is unimaginable. (And I don’t necessarily want to be able to imagine it–there is nothing glorious about war or violent conflict.) This is perhaps where art falls short of the mark. Of being true to life. I plead with the gods of art that peace is something much, much more imaginable. Than pain. I want to believe that, in small some way, my thinking about peace and writing about peace, will make a difference, will be sufficient as a contribution to peace, my small offering and my voice, a little stream I want to have poured into a flowing river of a growing global call for Peace. But I am just an amateur artist. I think survivors, those who survive and live after war and who choose peace, who commit to it, they are the true artists. Their art can truly lead the world to peace, if that is it’s intent. I dedicate my peace poems to all peacemakers. ❤


I wish nothing but peace for the world. Peace is the only fairness. Peace is the only justice. ~ Viola Allo



  1. Peace is something we all could strive for, it is something that could make such a significant effect in the world. But we have the power of free will, and this is where everything seems to take a turn for the worst. If we were all brought up to love not hate, brought up to share not steal, brought up to be kind not cruel. The list is endless. We as individuals can only do so much of what we are passionate about.
    It’s sad. It’s so sad to hear and see the wrong doings and the badness within our world.
    But maybe one day, things will be different.
    Write your passions show and express your need and wants be yourself and make a difference even if it’s to one person or multiple.

  2. […] for it to be? Today, I was scrolling through my WordPress feed, and I saw Letters to Cameroon’s Poems for Peace post. I would like to collaborate on a project like that, something that advocates for peace. […]

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