Posted by: Viola | July 24, 2014

Do something good today

Today, my good deed for the day is done. Just did it. Gave someone a gift, out of the blue, very random. Something I did not necessarily need but that I just knew would bring a smile to someone else. I wasn’t sure who the recipient would be but she more or less came walking toward me as I headed out to gift somebody something. The recipient was confused at first, then touched, and offered me a warm hug. So I walked away with a hug, starting my day with some warmth and affection. I wasn’t expecting that. When she offered me a hug, I was confused. Then touched. Then smiled and accepted the hug. Sometimes, it is easier to give than receive. But the graciousness with which this woman received a gift and then gave me one reminds me that I need to be open to the gifts that come my way, the sudden ones, the ones from unexpected people and places. For the simple gifts. Like hugs. The best gifts. Like smiles. The amazing gift of being alive and able to give, to have enough bounty to pass on, even in if humble. Poetry is a gift. Art is a gift. The best gift. The kind of gift I want to be always ready to receive and share.


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