Posted by: Viola | May 19, 2014

Your. Passion. Pursues. You.

Your. Passion. Pursues. You.

Think about passion. The thing that lights a person’s heart, sets it on fire. You know it when you feel it. You feel it in your belly. In your bones. Warm. You know it when you see it. You see it in the eyes of a person and you want to come closer and feel that fire, taste a bit of what you see in her eyes. It is not fragmented. It does not fluctuate. It is not hot, hot, hot. But steady, steady, steady. Mostly always there, and if gone, then only gone briefly, away nearby and to return shortly. And then stay there and simmer, warm and full. It fills. It covers. It holds. You think that passion is a person loving you, and maybe so. But passion is already in you and you know it. You think that you’ve got to stand on mountains and shout to say you know it but you already do. You want to believe you’ve got to walk it to the world and marry it but it marries you before you say “I do.” You really think you have a chance to say “yes” or “no” but honestly you don’t. You forget the ropes that hold you, that chain you to the boards that move you through life as a raft that saves you and carries you. You forget. You sleep and you forget that your passion pursues you. Finds you. Fixes you. Fills you. Binds you. Builds you. Minds you. Maybe even kills you. But it will never leave you. If you know what’s good for you, you will bow your head and close your eyes and let the waves roll, the wind cry, the storms fall, the clouds fly, the continents move. And you will sleep and awake to a flame and you will stay calm/stay true and keep on and rest when you can and awake to the flame again and shut your eyes to keep it there, open your eyes a while to share it, then close your eyes to keep it burning there. Your fire is your fire. Tend to it. You have no choice but to walk with it, live with it, fall and fly with it, sing and cry with it. Watch it with the singular eye of your heart, your mind, your unflinching spirit. Think of the impossible ways of containing it, keeping it alive, burning. Steady. Steady. Steady. Your fire is your fire. Your fire is your future.

This I have always known–that if I did not live my life immersed in the one activity which suits me, and which also, to tell the truth, keeps me utterly happy and intrigued, I would come someday to bitter and mortal regret.

~ Mary Oliver, A Poetry Handbook, p. 120



  1. Hi Viola,
    I finally made it to your blog. I really enjoyed this post about passion. It really tells a clear and visual story of what passion can cause us to do, and how it burns into us until we almost go crazy. Nice. I look forward to reading some more of your blogs.

    • Hi Rosalyn! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I was just thinking about you. Thanks so much for reading. I think pursuing a passion or two (or three!) enriches life. Hope you are doing great and following your dreams. Many Blessings, Viola.

  2. Thanks Viola. I just saw this response, too. I am doing my best to pursue my dreams. I still plan to publish this year by God’s grace.

    • Kudos and am proud of u for following ur dreams and ur heart! 🙂

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