Posted by: Viola | April 10, 2014

My slippers from Cameroon…

My last pair of slippers from Cameroon. Sigh. I haven’t worn them very long. A couple of months, perhaps less. And the strap of the right slipper is broken. Hardly any wear and yet the strap is broken. How disappointing. Though this is my last pair of slippers purchased in Cameroon, I know the slippers actually come from China. It says so on the soles. It says NEW CHINA. Bold lettering. Repeatedly. On the underside of the slippers. I assume the slippers are so cheaply made that they fall apart after a few uses. Maybe that’s so people in Cameroon have to go and buy a new pair constantly. That’s my theory. Fortunately, they are not expensive, but for a person who has little money to spare, it would be a burden to have to keep buying slippers over and over again. How annoying and unfair. And I just don’t understand how a thick plastic strap gets a clean break in the middle so quickly, like someone sliced a knife through the slipper strap right where my big toe and it’s neighboring toe would clutch the strap. I can’t figure it out. And I don’t have the patience to use a flame to burn the rubber and mend the break–a temporary fix. Or find a way to stitch the strap back together–near impossible since the rubber is too thick. I give up. Well, I had several pairs of slippers like this, collected from my travels to Cameroon over the last decade, and all these pairs of slippers went the same way. I am sentimental about my slippers from Cameroon. Or from China, via Cameroon. I spent my childhood wearing these kinds of slippers, some made in Nigeria and maybe even in Cameroon and now probably mostly made in China. Yeah, I confess to being attached to these rubber slippers. But I think I can let go now. I won’t be purchasing extra pairs of these slippers, should I travel to Cameroon. I am just not going to bother anymore.

 photo a2ebcd34-b1e8-4cca-9d9e-ddbbbfa1ab28_zps1795a327.jpg


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