Posted by: Viola | March 24, 2014

Yoga and Poetry Love Me Brave

Five years ago, when I started to focus on being a poet, I discovered yoga. So my passions for poetry and yoga grew together. They became siblings, twins. I gave my heart to both. For the most part, I would spend some time, each week, on poetry and then yoga. I cannot say for sure what exactly happened to me because it eludes description. All I know is that between moving my body through yoga and moving my mind through poetry, I felt like a new person. I felt strong. I felt renewed. Now, when I stand on my head, which is something I felt afraid of for a long time, I feel fearless. And when I write a poem, I feel bold. Between yoga and poetry, I am held, cradled, made whole. My commitment to poetry and yoga took a lot of courage, and it still does. But I know where to go to find inspiration. And that is a beautiful thing. I have solved an important piece of the puzzle of my life, the puzzle of my purpose in life. I face my life with a lot more courage than I ever did because I know that I have important work to do, and I now know some of what that work is. My life is a precious thing with a great and beautiful cause. The powerful cause of words. And the mission of movement. I am alive in poems and yoga poses. I speak. And I move. And I do so with confidence. I can speak up in a poem, and I can stand/flow in yoga when life threatens to hold me down/back. Yoga and poetry love me brave.

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  1. A very beautiful story..

  2. […] I take two kinds of Ayurvedic remedies for my anxiety. Remedy #1 is Yoga, which includes some breathing and some meditation. Remedy #2 is Poetry, which also includes some breathing and meditation. Nice overlap between the two remedies. Thank heavens. I can tackle my anxiety from several angles, then. I can be stretching and breathing while writing and meditating. How is all this possible? I do not know, and I cannot think about it. Or else I will get anxious about it. All I know is that it works, it helps, and so I do it. Thank heavens for self-help through yoga and art. Thank heavens for yoga and poetry because they help me work through my fears. Yoga and poetry love me brave. […]

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