Posted by: Viola | March 10, 2014

On the shortlist for BUAPP 2014!

I am very excited to share with my blog followers and readers that I am on the 2014 shortlist for the Brunel University African Poetry Prize (BUAPP). The announcement was made today. My poem included in the samples is titled “From Farm to Schoolroom” and is one of my favorite poems. It is near and dear to me.

The winner of the prize will be announced on May 12th. I am hopeful, but for now, just quite thrilled to be on the shortlist. I am especially excited to be representing Cameroon again, since I was on the shortlist last year.

Being shortlisted for a poetry prize like BUAPP encourages me to keep on writing. Writing gives me great joy. Poetry gives me great joy. And sharing my poems through participating in BUAPP expands that joy. I am thankful for this honor and so glad and grateful for this encouragement.



  1. I have read and followed your work for a bit and I must commend you for the second nomination in a row, Viola. I wish you well for 12th May.

    • Hi and thank you for stopping by. Thank you, too, for reading my work and sharing the Brunel announcement with your readers. I am putting my head down and writing, while waiting for the prize results. I feel very lucky to be on the shortlist again. It’s an honor. ~Viola

  2. […] Viola Allo is a Cameroonian-born poet based in the United States. Raised in Cameroon by her Cameroonian father and American mother, she migrated to America at 19. She holds a BA and MA in psychology and anthropology respectively from the universities of California (Davis) and Michigan (Ann Arbor). Her poems and essays have been published in the American River Review. In 2010, she received an Albert and Elaine Borchard Foundation Fellowship to attend the UC Davis Tomales Bay Workshops. Her poem Nigerian Girl With Calabash was published in 2010 in the Library of Congress anthology, Poetry for the Mind’s Joy, and in 2011, it was was selected as “Best in the Nation” by the Community College Humanities Association. Viola is a certified yoga instructor and Ayurvedic wellness counselor. She currently resides in Sacramento, California. She writes on her blog here. […]

  3. Congrats Viola! We’re in touch with Brunel to see if we (The African Book Review) can set up brief interviews with the finalists. Would love to talk with you guys (even if virtually). Good luck!

    • Thank you very much! Being on the BUAPP shortlist is such an honor. I will stay posted and you can contact me anytime at or by posting a comment here at my blog. Many thanks for stopping by my page.

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