Posted by: Viola | March 5, 2014

Stand firm on soft ground

I love this quote, which was in the newspaper a while ago:

“Be sure you put your feet in the right place, then stand firm.” -Abraham Lincoln

I see my dreams as soft ground, shifting ground. A cushion for my feet. A place where I can enjoy all the sweet nourishment of a life lived meaningfully and authentically. There is nothing hard about the earth of my dreams. In their pure state, my dreams are beautiful, innocent, kind.

But the world that surrounds my dreams is a hard place. A cold place. A threatened place that threatens dreams, calls them elusive and unrealistic, unattainable and silly. The world is full of cruel words, cruel ambitions, cruel outcomes, a place where loss is always present and death inevitable.

How does one find a soft place in which to rest, in which to sing, or dance, or write, or just be? How does one create that space? How does one find people who are understanding of the fragility and beauty and necessity of dreams?

Perhaps by first knowing what your dreams are, and then by walking your feet to those dreams, sinking your feet into the softness of those dreams, and then refusing to move.

Be stubborn. Stand firm in your creative aspirations. Your dreams will cradle your feet and hold you. So…. Don’t budge. Don’t quit.

Be stubborn. Be stubborn. Be stubborn. The way the ground is, even when it is soft.



  1. How you come out with all that is the interesting part of poetry. U are a great poet. The sky is not ur limit. May God take you higher than u aspire to go.

    • Thanks so much for your sweet comments Atsi and for taking time to read my writings. More to be written and much to do on that book project. Many hugs, xox… 🙂

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