Posted by: Viola | March 3, 2014

Don’t let your joy pass you by

I just received a message from someone who really cares about me and thinks I could be doing something else with my life. Something no doubt more lucrative that writing poems. Something no doubt more lucrative than giving yoga lessons. Something no doubt more lucrative than my work as a childcare provider. This message comes from someone I care about and who cares about me. I know that the essence of this message is LOVE. This person wants me to be OK. Wants me to live comfortably and be able to have money in the bank. This person wants to help me. But this help was not asked for. I did not ask him for advice about what I should do with my life. I did not say to him, “Please tell me what you think I ought to be doing with all my talents and skills and education.” I did not ask him for any of this advice. The problem with this message he sent me is not only that the advice is unsolicited. The major problem is that the advice, if I were to take it to heart and follow it, could be damaging to me and my artistic dreams, goals, and passions. The life I envision for myself does not fit with what this person envisions for me. The life he visualizes for me is something that I would actually describe as a nightmare. It’s not the kind of life for me, not by any stretch of my imagination. And so I am going to very respectfully, walk away from this advice. Going to put it in the shred pile. Going to hit the “delete” button on that message, without reply. And when I get the chance, I am going to say to that person, “Thanks, but no thanks!” I am going to tell him that I have found my joy and my joy has found me. And that this bold poet–this sweet artist–standing inside me is what I am going to be. I am going to ask him what he has been doing for himself and his life, for his dreams, for his passions, and his art. I am going to ask him if I can offer him some loving advice, and if he says, “Sure!” I will tell him this: “My good man, don’t let your joy pass you by.”



  1. Thank you so much for your comments my dear reader and kind soul sister!!!

    U know what I have realized? A dream is only partly about hard work and talent. Honestly, 70 % of following our dreams is the sheer courage it requires to fight constant challenges that come in the form of people who criticize our dream or our work…sometimes so much effort goes into identifying that criticism, cuz at times it comes in the form of someone offering us love or advice…but in fact, they are just crushing that dream of ours, instead of saying, “Good job, how can we support that dream…?”

    I love my dreams…in all their varied and unique forms…my dreams wake me up every morning with a kiss…a sweet kiss…praise Heaven for giving me a taste of pure joy… 🙂 And no matter what anyone says or thinks, I will never quit my dreams…and I believe my dreams will ever quit me… 🙂

    To joy!!! Adelante!!!

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