Posted by: Viola | February 10, 2014

On being a poet-artist…

For 2014, I made a commitment to myself and to a few important people in my life that I would honor my artistic passions. So, here I am. And it is February. A month and a week into the process.

Yesterday, I started to describe what it feels like so far. Here is a short prose poem from my description.


How to describe what it feels like to live my life as a poet and artist? It feels like walking in the dark, walking down a long, dark hallway and trying not to crash into the walls. Feeling the walls and letting them guide me but not stop me. Doing my best to move forward, not stopping and turning around and simply going back. There are no railings here that feel secure. Nothing much to grab a hold of and lean on. Just a few words. Whenever they arrive. Glowing in the dark. In the meantime, I have to keep on walking and be patient, as my eyes become accustomed to the dark and familiar with the shadows. 



  1. love it

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