Posted by: Viola | July 30, 2013

Light Rain Over Los Angeles

Light Rain Over Los Angeles
by Viola Allo

The mountain sleeps
upon the soft earth,
tucks her foot into
the warm skin of the earth.
In her sleep, the mountain
moves ever so slightly,
shaking her shoulders,
curving them
into the arms of the earth.
She adjusts into deeper comfort,
sighs some secret sorrow
that rises and melts the sky
into a rainbow.

I, mountain sound asleep.
You, earth with arms around me.
Your name sings from my lips and
you sway to the sound of it.
Your name is the echo of
thin sheets of thunder,
which is the sound
of my sorrow.
You place your face
where my heart beats
and you dance it there.
Your breath builds
a warm shelter


By Viola Allo. All rights reserved. Please contact the author for permission to share or use this poem.



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