Posted by: Viola | July 16, 2010

Poetry is a Place, a Box

Poetry. Poetry is a place. Call it an art or a craft or skill. Call it a study or a discipline. Call it words on a page or notes in a book or verses written by someone you admire. Call it a waste of time. Call it sad. Call it fun. Call it anything. I, however, think of poetry as a place I can go to, when nothing makes sense or when I want to feel most myself. In this place of poetry where I am separate from everyone, I can be still and quiet and hear my thoughts out. I can work from this place of solitude and move outward, building up from it the profound experience of being connected again to everyone around me. Poetry is a container for who I am. If I am solitary, quiet, bold, outspoken, fearful, passionate, that’s all okay. I can throw everything that I am into the box of poetry and nothing is rejected. Being a poet for me has meant creating this place, in my mind and in my life, where I can feel that I am being true to whoever I am, moment to moment. Maybe this is why, even though I am poor and have published no book of poems, I can still stand tall and tell you I am a poet.


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